My name is Robert burns I am the owner of Love Quest productions we are an independent record label specializing in hip hop and R& B music we produce instrumentals for up in coming artists.  We also produce complete projects for artist.  Love Quest Productions, is based in Tampa Florida. 

Projects include: moonshine, artist Marlo lots, AKA fresh other projects completed by love quest productions (love music) by Perez Dave recorded and mixed in our studio. 

We are currently in the studio recording on next EP release not yet title it would contain 3 to 4 tracks of hip Hop,      and R & B tracks. Making music is something I love to do and I am trying to live the dream and do it full time. This my way of doing my part to make that happen And I Be leave  that with hard work and determination I can do anything  set my mind to .


Fresh aka Marlo Lotts & 88 keys aka Robert Burns sr.